Life Groups are the cornerstone for our ministries at Lifebridge Christian Church. Jesus walked daily with 12 men, and as we try to follow His great commission to make disciples all across the world, we base our ministries around strong, small group relationships. We currently have 6 Life Groups, 5 for adults/whole families and 1 for Middle School & High School Students, and we plan to continuously add new Life Groups.

Learn More About Life Groups.

Ages 2 – 5th Grade

Building a strong foundation for our kids to be, not only believers, but disciples of Jesus.

Learn More About Life Kids.

Middle School – High School

Following Jesus together through the trials and victories of these extremely important years.

Learn More About Life Students.

Lifebridge Worship

Celebrating together the work God is doing in our lives.

Lifebridge Missions

Following the great commission to “go and make disciples of all nations.”

 7 Standing Ministries

Lifebridge Christian Church has 7 Standing Ministries. All the ministries listed above (everything we do, from pre-school classes to Life Groups for all ages) fit into one of the 7 Standing Ministries. Our leadership structure also reflects these 7 ministries. Servants have been appointed as “Ministry Team Leaders” for each of the standing ministries. Our staff and volunteer leaders work hand-in-hand to make and implement plans for our different ministries.
Rather than dividing our ministries up by Children, Youth Group, Adults, etc., we might look at the entire church and say, “How can we make disciples of all ages at Lifebridge?” Then our discipleship ministry will put into place plans for discipleship for all ages. We will do the same thing for worship, outreach and fellowship. Learn more about all of the 7 Standing Ministries of Lifebridge Christian Church.

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