Lifebridge Christian Church partners with missions locally, nationally, and globally. We aim to not just give monetarily to these missions but to work together to further God’s Kingdom all over the world. Our Life Groups take opportunities to serve and work with local missions. Life Groups and the Life Students both seek opportunities to serve our mission partners throughout Alabama and across the country through short-term mission trips and service projects.

Lifebridge sent its first international mission trip in 2012 to Mashoko, Zimbabwe, and has since made a total of 5 trips there. Lifebridge is also lining up international mission trips for the next few years to Ecuador and Zimbabwe. We hope to see every person who volunteers as a teacher, Life Group leader, or youth sponsor know that their work here in Alabama is preparing them to also go and spread the Word of God and make disciples across the globe.


More About Lifebridge Missions

  • The Missions ministry selects Missions for support by Lifebridge Christian Church.

  • Anyone can propose a Mission for consideration by the Missions ministry.

  • Support may include financial support and/or active participation in the Mission.

  • The Missions ministry reports regularly to the members which Missions Lifebridge Christian Church is supporting, how it is supporting them, and what the needs of these missions are.

Our Servant Leader appointed to lead the Missions Ministry is Michael Sikes, Lead Pastor. Contact Michael for information on Mission Trips, the missions we currently support, or if your mission organization is seeking support.

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