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Lots of Work to Do

Jan 31, 2012   //   by Stephen   //   Blog, Office News  //  No Comments

As we try to get everything transitioned into a new church, it is evident how much work we have to do just to get things going the right way! We have been searching for a new logo, discussing things like mission statement and vision statement, getting temporary banners to cover up the Decatur Christian Church sign outside, thinking about permanent outdoor signs, and getting legal papers filed to make Lifebridge Christian Church official with the state. Plus the website has a long way to go, and there are plenty of small things that need to be changed. I spent a couple hours today just getting some kinks worked out with our new Lifebridge email accounts. It is amazing how much time all this stuff can take.

I look forward to getting all of these tasks out of the way so we can give our full energies to the real work of serving the community, building relationships and making disciples of Jesus. I know there will always be office and computer work, but right now it seems like it is really piling up. Pray for our church staff so that we do not get lost in the mix of all these tasks and forget why we are really here. I am eager to see God’s work really take off here at Lifebridge!