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Reflecting on Church Camp

Jun 19, 2012   //   by Stephen   //   Life Kids, Life Students, Videos  //  No Comments

We just finished up 2 1/2 weeks of church camps at Alabama Christian Service Camp, and we are now getting ready for the rest of our summer activities. This is a good time to reflect on how things went at camp this year.


Lifebridge sent about 25 kids to the 3 camps combined, which was a good turnout this year. We took some visitors and some old friends who had moved out of town. All the kids had a great time, and really seemed to come home more focused on following Jesus. The adults who came as chaperones all had great attitudes, and the “New Life” team from Florida Christian College was AMAZING. Everyone worked hard to make camp a great experience for all.


A number of things broke or had problems at camp. The Air Conditioner was totally out the very first day of First Chance Camp. The pool pump had a few issues. The water pump that sent water from the well to the building went out in the middle of Junior Camp. One of our adult chaperones had a broken windshield and transmission problems while driving home from First Chance camp. Our camp cook was not able to return for Senior Camp because she broke her fingers and nose the day before Senior Camp. We had 2 more counselors that had to leave in the middle of Senior Camp because one of them was sick.


There were some issues getting our dumpster picked up, so we had a nice pile of smelly trash in the camp parking lot when camp ended. Also, when the water pump broke at Junior Camp, no one could shower for the last 36 hours. The water pump liked to go out right when we were in the middle of the slip-n-slide, and everyone was covered in mud.


We had to make many adjustments on the fly at camp this year, and there were definitely some setbacks that made things more difficult. It would be easy to look at all the things that went wrong and say that camp was a failure or camp was more trouble than it was worth, but anytime that kids come together and loudly proclaim that they want to live their lives for Jesus, I count that a successful experience. Anytime that young lives are changed for the better, and kids and teens go home better equipped and more excited to put God first in their lives, it is worth all the obstacles that we had to overcome. God was at work through the troubles, and God was at work helping us to overcome everything that tried to get in the way of a great camp experience.

Parents, ask your children what they learned at camp, and encourage them to not let their spiritual growth be a momentary mountain-top experience.

Here is a video of the Life Students at Senior Week Camp 2012:

Here is a video playlist of videos that were shown throughout the week at Senior Camp 2012:

Upcoming Easter Events

Mar 23, 2012   //   by Stephen   //   Blog, Church News, Fellowship, Life Kids, Little Lifers, Outreach, Upcoming Events  //  No Comments

Here at Lifebridge Christian Church, we have several different things going on to celebrate Easter this year on Sunday, April 8.

Holy Thursday Seder Meal @ 6:30 pm RSVP on Facebook

This is a 1st for all of us, but it should be both an educational and eye-opening experience. On Holy Thursday, Jesus had his Last Supper  with his disciples, and we remember this meal every week during communion. This Holy Thursday, we will have a more traditional passover meal for everyone to sample, and we will sing songs to help us remember and thank God for the sacrifice that Jesus would make the next day after this Last Supper.

Easter Morning Pot-Luck Breakfast RSVP on Facebook

All members of Lifebridge are invited to this pot-luck meal at 8:30. Sign-up at church to bring your favorite breakfast items.

Easter Worship Celebration RSVP on Facebook

Worship begins at 9:30 instead of 10:30 this week. Join us for our special Easter Sunday Worship Celebration as we will remember and rejoice for the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This should be one of our biggest Sundays of the year, so make sure you invite your friends and family who need a place to worship this Easter.

Life Kids Worship – Easter Edition

We will have Life Kids Worship on Easter morning at 9:30. All kids in elementary school are invited to this fun time of worship.

Easter Egg Hunt RSVP on Facebook

Every child is invited to participate in our Easter Egg Hunt at 11:00 am. This is a big outreach event, and we hope everyone in the neighborhood shows up! So tell people and invite friends! Find the golden eggs and win prizes!

1 Month In

We have made it through our first month as Lifebridge Christian Church. Here are a few of the highlights so far:

Looking back over the first few weeks, we have been quite busy, and this is only the beginning of what we believe will be a great 1st year at Lifebridge Christian Church. We all look forward to all the blessings and victories that God brings our congregation in 2012. See our Upcoming Events page to see the many things we have planned.

Summer Calendar

Feb 2, 2012   //   by Stephen   //   Blog, Discipleship, Life Kids, Life Students, Little Lifers, Upcoming Events  //  No Comments

I am finishing up the summer calendar for the youth and children. We are trying to do some new things this year, so the schedule will look a little different. We have our regular Alabama Christian Service Camp schedule the first 2 weeks of June, VBS in June, and 2 other trips in July. I am just covering the major events in this post, but there will be other one day activities including the big 4th of July Party, local service projects, church cookouts with slip-n-slides, etc.


(Price: $150/person)

  • First Chance Camp: Friday, June 1 – Sunday, June 3

  • Junior Camp: Sunday, June 3 – Friday, June 8

  • Senior Camp: Sunday, June 10 – Friday, June 15

This year will be a first for me, as I am going to be Dean of Senior Camp, along with Andy Ellingwood from Huntsville Christian. I have been a counselor the last 2 years, so this is much more responsibility. Aaron Warnick and John Lancaster are Deans for Junior Camp.

WILDERNESS WEEK (Price: See Stephen)

The last 2 years I have taken groups to Fall Creek Falls State Park in Tennessee, and these trips have been awesome. Last year we all did the Gorge Hike, which was extremely challenging, but an outstanding accomplishment for everyone.

This year we are changing it up a bit. We are staying close to home, going to Bankhead National Forest, and the trip will include more of the intense level hikes. More importantly it will include even more of an outdoor worship experience than we had at Fall Creek Falls. We hope to bring in a worship leader friend of ours and really have great times of worship.

We are also opening this trip up to other kids from church camp, so it will be a bigger group. I am partnering with Sikes and John Lancaster to plan and lead this trip.

Our tentative schedule for this is to leave Sunday, July 22 and come home Thursday, July 26.

VBS (Price: Free)

This year, we have moved VBS from late July to early August. The dates are Sunday, August 5 – Thursday, August 9. The theme is Sky: Everything is Possible With God.