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1st Baptism at Lifebridge

Mar 28, 2012   //   by Stephen   //   Blog, Church News, Discipleship, Life Students  //  No Comments

On Sunday, March 25, 2012 we celebrated our 1st baptism at Lifebridge Christian Church. Rejoice that Gabe, one of our 6th grade guys, has chosen to pursue a life following Jesus!

We look forward to many more baptisms to follow, and we especially hope to help Gabe and all new Christians to become true disciples of Jesus Christ.

Upcoming Easter Events

Mar 23, 2012   //   by Stephen   //   Blog, Church News, Fellowship, Life Kids, Little Lifers, Outreach, Upcoming Events  //  No Comments

Here at Lifebridge Christian Church, we have several different things going on to celebrate Easter this year on Sunday, April 8.

Holy Thursday Seder Meal @ 6:30 pm RSVP on Facebook

This is a 1st for all of us, but it should be both an educational and eye-opening experience. On Holy Thursday, Jesus had his Last Supper  with his disciples, and we remember this meal every week during communion. This Holy Thursday, we will have a more traditional passover meal for everyone to sample, and we will sing songs to help us remember and thank God for the sacrifice that Jesus would make the next day after this Last Supper.

Easter Morning Pot-Luck Breakfast RSVP on Facebook

All members of Lifebridge are invited to this pot-luck meal at 8:30. Sign-up at church to bring your favorite breakfast items.

Easter Worship Celebration RSVP on Facebook

Worship begins at 9:30 instead of 10:30 this week. Join us for our special Easter Sunday Worship Celebration as we will remember and rejoice for the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This should be one of our biggest Sundays of the year, so make sure you invite your friends and family who need a place to worship this Easter.

Life Kids Worship – Easter Edition

We will have Life Kids Worship on Easter morning at 9:30. All kids in elementary school are invited to this fun time of worship.

Easter Egg Hunt RSVP on Facebook

Every child is invited to participate in our Easter Egg Hunt at 11:00 am. This is a big outreach event, and we hope everyone in the neighborhood shows up! So tell people and invite friends! Find the golden eggs and win prizes!

1 Month In

We have made it through our first month as Lifebridge Christian Church. Here are a few of the highlights so far:

Looking back over the first few weeks, we have been quite busy, and this is only the beginning of what we believe will be a great 1st year at Lifebridge Christian Church. We all look forward to all the blessings and victories that God brings our congregation in 2012. See our Upcoming Events page to see the many things we have planned.

Pray for Our Sick

Feb 15, 2012   //   by Stephen   //   Blog, Church News, Prayer Needs  //  No Comments

We have had a big chunk of our church sick over the last week, ranging from babies to adults. Lifebridge members have been suffering from ear infections, strep throat, RSV, flu, cancer, broken bones, kidney disease, low iron, viral bronchitis, and any number of other illnesses lately.

Please keep all of the sick people at Lifebridge in your prayers. We hope to see everyone back to good health and back to church soon!

Anyone who is sick or has any other prayer needs, please tell your Life Group leaders or contact our staff. We want to keep you in our prayers because prayer is powerful and effective.

Legally Lifebridge

Feb 8, 2012   //   by Stephen   //   Blog, Church News, Fellowship, Office News, Upcoming Events  //  No Comments

We found out from the lawyer yesterday that our paperwork has been filed with the state, and we are now 100% officially, legally Lifebridge Christian Church. We will celebrate the new start with our “Birthday Bash” after church on Sunday, February 26. This is an exciting time! God is really giving us a chance to be a part of something great here in Decatur.

Lifebridge Begins Today

Jan 29, 2012   //   by Stephen   //   Blog, Church News, Discipleship, Life Groups  //  No Comments

Today, members of Decatur Christian Church voted to change its name to Lifebridge Christian Church, accept a newly revised set of Bylaws and Operations Manual, hire Michael Sikes as Senior Minister, retain current staff members Stephen Davis, Youth Minister and Sherry Yeager, Administrative Assistant, and for all current members of Decatur Christian Church and Hartselle Christian Church to become members of the newly formed Lifebridge Christian Church.

The vote was overwhelmingly positive, thus today marks the official beginning of Lifebridge Christian Church in Decatur, AL. We kicked things off with two of our Life Groups tonight, one at the Bennett house and one at the Davis house. There is a true sense of joy over this new beginning, and there is excitement about what the future holds for Lifebridge.

Everyone on our transition team has worked extremely hard over the past year, spending countless hours at dozens of meetings hashing out the new Bylaws and Operations Manual, shaping the leadership structure, and strategizing about how we can be a disciple-making community. These tasks were in one sense painfully slow and tedious, but in another sense, critical to get all of our leaders on the same page. We have had some rough moments and faced some tough decisions, but it has been clear that God was working on all of our hearts, teaching us patience, instilling us with compassion, and guiding us to a place of unity. Most importantly, God has taught all of us to trust Him on a deeper level.

This merger between two congregations could not have happened without a strong sense of unity between the leaders of both Decatur and Hartselle, and the results of today’s vote make all of the hard work well worth it. God has been moving in this place, and it is only the beginning of the true work God is going to do in both our local community and all over the globe via the ministries of Lifebridge Christian Church.

Today is a great win for God’s kingdom, and everyone at Lifebridge should be excited and ready to jump in and help bring many future wins for God in this world. We are embarking on this journey together, and only God knows where it will take us. As long as we are a church who seeks to serve others, a group of people who accept no glory or honor for the work that we do, but do all things to glorify our wonderful God, this will be a beautiful journey together.

Check out the story of how we got here.

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